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  • Expert Research and Training

    MACROC conducts cutting-edge social research, training and policy advocacy.
    Consequently we are committed to:

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  • Capacity-Building

    Using the operational framework of roundtables, workshops, advocacy and other channels of stakeholder engagement,
    MACROC fosters constructive capacity-building in various areas of social life.

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About Us

Manifold Crown Consulting (MACROC) is a non-state organisation that aims to promote cutting-edge research, training and capacity-building in various aspects of social life, including conflict prevention, mediation and resolution at inter-personal, workplace and grassroots levels; peacebuilding, youth engagement, personal career and social development, inter-faith dialogue, as well as peaceful co-existence and understanding between disparate communities and cultures.  MACROC is committed to achieving this manifold preoccupation through action research, stakeholder dialogue and proactive problem-solving oriented interventions.

Being a non-state third-sector organisation, MACROC recognises the crucial importance that other two principal sectors, the public sector and the private sector, play in the lives of peoples and communities.

Research & Coaching

Promoting evidence-based policy-relevant research and problem-solving interventions on conflict-related issues, as well as the most functional strategies for redressing them – learn more

Capacity Development

Promoting policy advocacy, capacity-building workshops, and roundtables in diverse aspects capable of enhancing peace and security in multi-cultural environments – learn more

Recent publications of interest include:


Conflict of Securities: State and Human Security in Africa (co. ed. London: Adonis & Abbey, 2010)

Conflict and Peacebuilding in the African Great Lakes Region (co. ed. Indiana: Indiana University Press, 2013)

The Crises of Postcoloniality in Africa (edited, Dakar: CODESRIA, 2015)

Christian Books

Understanding Divine Destiny.

Preparing for Marriage & Enjoying Marriage.

Promote cutting-edge research, training and capacity-building