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Using the operational framework of roundtables, workshops, advocacy and other channels of stakeholder engagement, MACROC fosters constructive capacity-building in various areas of social life. Consequently we are committed to:

  1. Promoting policy advocacy, capacity-building workshops, and roundtables in diverse aspects capable of enhancing peace and security in multi-cultural environments – e.g. youth engagement, peace education, community reconciliation, social development, and so forth.
  2. Engaging young people of diverse communities in productive after-school learning and extra-curricular activities as a means to strengthen educational performance, multicultural participation and peacebuilding.
  3. Fostering inter-faith dialogue, cooperation and peaceful co-existence among communities.
  4. Promoting problem-solving oriented partnerships across the three principal sectors of society namely, public sector, private sector and the voluntary non-state sector.
  5. Building and strengthening structures of inclusion and grassroots participation through various strategies of stakeholder engagement.
  6. Providing purposeful career development counselling, motivation and mentorship to young people and those at the early stages of their career.
  7. Promoting staff exchange programmes and problem-solving oriented collaborative networks between non-state agencies in the UK and their counterparts in a variety of overseas countries and regions, especially countries and regions that account for large immigrant communities in the UK (e.g. India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, Jamaica, Ghana, Zimbabwe, Middle East, etc). Such a collaborative synergy is relevant for understanding the peculiar challenges of immigrant communities in the UK and how to help solve them.